How do I place an Image into a Table in a Document?

Newbie here . . . Currently when I copy and paste the image is placed over the table’s lines.

I’m have the same problem in 2022? Is this still not resolved?

Please read about anchoring and position:



Presetting the anchorage - as of version 7.1

This is no bug at all. It is a matter of understanding the various ways of anchoring an image. Inserting an image into a table cell for the sole purpose of “sync’ing” an image and a comment/caption is overkill.

You have two solutions:

  1. with a table, insert the image As character in a cell; the cell will auto-resize to accomodate the image

  2. without a table, tune the various image properties, mainly Type for position and Wrap for text flow around/through the image; many effects can be achieved

If you find it more complex than with M$ Word, think about the divergent requests of independent users about what is the “right” position of an image. Writer offers you freedom of layout, thence the myriad of parameters. You can simplify this by defining your own frame style to store your personal parameters. Inserting an image reduces then to pasting it and assigning the frame styles. Two steps, none more. But this requires to understand the style(s) model upon which Writer is based.

Thanks for the reply.

I think I’m getting the hang of it…

Actually I can place an image that lays across a table. Then I go to the images properties and make the width & height relative to the paragraph. I hope this is not the only way to do this. I place images into table quite a bit and would like to know if there is default of some type that will always place the image into a table cell instead of having to go through a gazillion steps just to make it fit.

ACTUALLY I was using a microsoft word 2013 doc / the insertion works better in a Writer document. My trouble will be all of the formatting of the other parts of the documents.