How do I place slides into handout format?

I have a Mac and am trying to place my slides into the 9-slot handout format. I’ve tried copying and pasting and followed the directions on the LibreOffice website but nothing is working.

Which version do you use? There has been a bug in this area, which was recently fixed. You might need to install a “Fresh” version. The description below belongs to the version 5.1., but the current version 5.0.2 might work already, but I have not tested it.

  1. View > Handout Master
  2. Slide>Page/Slide Properties. Set the desired paper sheet size and orientation.
  3. Sidebar > Properties > Layouts. Select the kind 3×3.
  4. Do they have the wrong size or position? Click on the frame of the preview object and drag the object to the correct size and position, or press F4 to open the Position&Size dialog. There exists no preview.
  5. File> Print. Tab ‘General’, section ‘Print’. Control ‘Document’, select Handouts. Control ‘Slides per sheet’, select According to Layout.
  6. Use the print dialog preview to examine the output before actually printing.