How do I prevent Calc Spreadsheet from crashing regulary

I’m using Libre Office 5.0. I have a large spreadsheet (406KB) with several tabs. I’ve been using this spreadsheet with Libra in ods format since the summer and haven’t had problems. I’m using Windows 7. Now suddenly after only 4 or 5 changes in the spreadsheet Libre crashes. On starting it up again it recovers the spreadsheet but will crash again after a few edits. What can I do? Please help, this is an important spreadsheet to the operations of my organization. Thanks Greg.

I have discovered that using Libra 5.0 must be creating the problem. I didn’t get any answers from Ask Libra so I went back to Libra 4.4 and the spreadsheet is working again. I guess 5.0 is not stable enough to handle Calc Spreadsheets.