How do i prevent my recent docs from displaying when first opening the OL app?

When OL opens it displays thumbnails of my recent docs & spreadsheets. It’s large enough that the actual contents can be easily seen. I don’t want those recent files to be displayed when opening OL. How do I prevent it?

Per Document: Disable >File>Properties...>General>Save preview image with this document
All Documents: Only support for >Tools>Options>Load/Save>Edit properties before saving
With probably unwanted side-effect: Under
Advanced>ExpertConfiguration>Edit PickListSize> Set new value 0
(This will also reduce the length of the PickList under Recent Documents to 0 (zero).

The Questioner might also consider directly opening a LibreOffice component (Writer, Calc, etc) instead of opening the LO Start dashboard. Each component will open with a new document (blank sheet) and one can use menu File → Recent Documents to re-open the document he wants to work with.

Thank you!!!

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I’ve just tried this, and unfortunately the per-document disable doesn’t work! Although I turn off the “preview image”, even when I restart LibreOffice, change the document and save it, the preview shows the latest changes. There does indeed need to be a way to turn off the preview, at the very least for documents that contain sensitive information. I’ve noticed that applying a password to the document prevents the preview, but the document is already kept on an encrypted disk, so a password is unnecessary.

I’ve just discovered that there’s a new option to do exactly this.
Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced →> Open Expert Configuration. Search for RecentDocsThumbnail, and toggle the value to false.

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