How do I print four unique postcards to a letter-sized sheet?

I bought some four-to-a-sheet postcard paper on which I hope to print four unique addresses. These postcards are perforated to divide into postcards after printing. If I can designate a unique 4.25x5.5 page size, I can print four of these pages to a sheet. How do I add a page size definition to the ‘A4, US Letter, US Legal, etc.’ options?

Your question is akin to printing labels.

The problem is not the sheet size but the printer tray. Your printer only supports a few physical trays. Choose the one in which your postcard paper can be reliably guided (with adjustable sliders).

This will defined the page size for the printer driver.

You may use your postcard paper in two ways:

  • manually positioning text and graphic objects
  • printing labels

In the first case, create a template with the printer page size. The difference between tray and paper dimensions is transferred into margins of the page style. Insert a table in the page with cells representing the detachable postcards. The cell “margins” are tuned through Table>Properties, Borders tab, Spacing to contents.

When using the template, you set your text and illustrations in the cells and format it the usual way.

In the second case, create the general layout with New>Labels. When satisfied, save it under a significant name.

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