How do I print multiple specific pages v5.0.5.2 Writer

I want to print multiple pages, such as pp.1,2,5,&6 with Writer ( for Mac. Is there a way to do this? The print dialog has an option to print all or print a single range, but I want to print multiple ranges (incidentally for a brochure on 8.5x11 with a 5.5x8.5 insert). I’m printing to a Sharp BX-B402 (not sure if that’s relevant).

Me too, I’m using and there’s no longer a print range option in the print dialog, there’s definitely been one in the past, just not now. It’s a pretty basic thing; no “print current page” either. Ridiculous; best option I can find is to write a macro …!?

What about “1-3,5-7” in the ‘Pages’ control of the print dialogue? On Win (since 3.1) with any software and any printer I ever used this worked.

Although I can notice you mean LO3.1 instead of Window$ 3.1, it does point to the Window$ release when saying it like that.

My experiences relate to different software which used similar print dialogues. The option to enter a multi range selection of pages was present in the print dialogues of Win software since decades. I actually meant Win 3.1. And I feel sure MAc OS and the printer dialogues used there are very similar.
Was this expectation silly? Please tell me. I would like to withdraw my answer in this case.

Nah, no need to withdraw or anything.

Yes, that solution works in my experience in Windows too, but the dialog is different on a Mac (I’m too new to the forum to upload a screen capture). There’s no option for a comma, for example, in the page range of the Mac print dialog.

I am not on Mac, you see, but I just managed to view an OS X print dialog (courtesy of Princeton University) and was stunned that it didn’t seem to support this everyday feature.It also lacked the ‘Reverse Order’ option. It’s a mess. “Vendors” everywhere decide their customers are too silly to use a well equipped tool. Customers agree. Sorry!

Is that in your LO5 in Writer? It’s not in mine.