How do I print two-sided?

My printer does it with Word, but I can’t find that option in LibreOffice. Help!

In LibreOffice 6.4: Go to Print... --> General, then look for the section Print ranges & copies, next above Number of copies there should be Paper sides where you should be able to select Duplex.

The setting is not in LO but in the printer driver.

File>Printer Settings, button Properties or File>Print, General tab, Properties button

When the driver settings for the printer opens, go to Device tab, select and set the option(s).

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I tried all of the suggestions above and still my copy of LibreOffice Writer does not allow me to print two-sided, as normally allowed with my printer. The option is there, but it is dimmed:

Is there another Ricoh printer listed in the Printer choice? Sometimes the fax printer gets the same or similar name.
Can you set double-sided when you click on the Properties button that takes you to the Ricoh printer driver?
Are you using the manufacturer’s printer driver? The printer drivers supplied with Windows can be quite basic.
As a workaround you can File > Export As >Export as PDF and then print the pdf as double-sided until issue is resolved

I just tried that. Thank you for the suggestion, but documents exported to PDF do not solve the problem. I am still tackling the issue from the driver perspective. It has been awhile since I did the computer geek thing full-time (Y2K was the last major computer issue I dealt with as a computer professional) so my skills are somewhat dated. I am checking with Ricoh trying to download the latest driver to see if that fixes the issue. I have my older computer that this machine replaces. I am going to experiment with going completely open-source on the old machine. Why would I not be surprised that running open-source software on a Windows machine give me problems?

The issue seems to be with the printer driver. If you cannot print from Adobe Reader double-sided then can you print anything double-sided?