How do I put a document shortcut on my desktop in windows 10

Could anyone help me please? I want to put a shortcut on my desktop from an open document in Libre Office. I have windows 10. Thanks.

Use OS-provided features for this: find the file using file manager, copy it, then create shortcut in desired place (or use drag-and-drop using right mouse button). LibreOffice doesn’t provide this functionality.

Read and
to understand the situation.
User code can use the SHELL() function to execute external programs. A batch script might then take parameters for the link to create by MKLINK. Just a first approach. I would shy back from complications and risks.

Go to the folder that has your document that you want to place on your desktop (as a shortcut). Left click on the file and select “copy”. Now, go to an open area on your desktop and right click, select “Paste shortcut”.

For most of us that would be right-click (context menu).