How do I put a 'tick' in a shadowed box, without the box disappearing (editing a .docx)?

Hi, I’m editing a .docx and I’ve got a shadowed check box that I need to tick. The problem is, it won’t let the cursor enter the box. Secondly, if I enter “u 2713” then “alt-x”, the box disappears but the tick appears in its place. Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong (maybe I just can’t with the style of box that was originally used), but any help would be welcome. Thanks.

In my copy of LO there are many autocorrect entries, :checkbox2: is replaced with a ticked checkbox :ballot_box_with_check:, character U+2611 . Hope this helps, cheers, Al

Hi Earnest Al,
Thanks for that. Perfect. Wasn’t even sure the question was posted. Every time I went to submit the question, I was told the question/submission was incorrectly filled out. But, it looks like it decided to post it anyway. Glad I found this site and your answer. Don’t know how to rate you (I can’t find any buttons related to this), but 5/5 would do it.

No worries. You ticked the correct answer so other people with the same question can know that the answer worked for you. Cheers, Al