how do I put a watermark in the background?

I’m using LibreOffice 4.2, English, and as a writer, always use text document. I use a Toshiba Satellite laptop (English) with Windows 8.2. I take precautions to protect my work, but would like the option to have “do not copy” on the documents background, in light gray. I’m hoping “watermark” is the correct term.

@ratrace - would you mind to change your comment to an answer? It is a perfect one.

I’m guessing you mean question mark (?). No; the “statement” is more like musing aloud, so a period (.) is correct.

Here’s how you can add a transparent bookmark in LibreOffice Writer. (Tested in LibreOffice 6.x):

Worked for me too… LO 6.x in Mint 19

Worked perfectly on v6.4.7

Here’s also a short explanation I found on this blog post, with various options.

One of them is actually adding a graphic text box to your header, then making text size bigger, text color light gray, rotate and/or move the box so it’s in the middle of your page, then send it background.
Step by step:

  1. double-click on the header part of your page (if you don’t have a header, add one).
  2. insert a graphic text-box (View > Toolbars > Drawing, then click the “T” button).
  3. type in the text
  4. now you can rotate the text box, change text size, etc. Make the text color light gray, so it appears like a watermark.
  5. finally right-click on the text box, select “arrange” > “to background”.

Maybe this video will help.

Thank you, thank you! I got as far as background, graphic, but couldn’t figure out what to do next.

I think the question will be solved as it was posted 1 year ago. Still, I want to introduce an online PDF watermark creator which can be used for the same task. It may be also helpful for the needed persons. Must try this free solution.

This doesn’t address the how-to aspect, but for what it’s worth I have created a free LibreOffice template with a set of high-quality default watermarks. Applying them is as simple as applying the relevant page style.

I hope this helps.