How do I put the LibreOffice file formats in the Windows Explorer context menu?

When I right click and select “New” there isn’t the LibreOffice file options. How do I correct that?

When you right+click where?

If you are referring to Rgiht+Clicking on a Windows Explorer window, hover over “New”, and see a list of various file types you can create, one of those that I see is “OpenDocument Text”, which is the .ODT LibreOffice Writer file format.

I usually launch LibreOffice applications from the Quickstarter icon by right+clicking on the icon. For writer, I then click on “Text Document”.

(Yes, it is misleading for those of us who have been computer programmers in the past because we had been trained that “text” refers to plain text like one finds with Notepad, Textpad,and other non-word-processing no-fancy-formatting software, but in this context “text” is referring to word processing.)