How do I recover a lost document?

I transferred a project from Microsoft PowerPoint to LibreOffice Impress, and it worked, I was working on the project perfectly fine, I even saved it and re-opened it a couple times just to be sure. But then when I opened it once again, all my information was gone, and the pages it had been on were white, with little to no detail left-completely no words. I don’t know what went wrong, but I can’t seem to recover it… Help please!

There are multiple ways to recover a file, depending what type of document it is. But the most fast and efficient way to recover them is by using a recovery tool. This is a more secured way to recover files, especially important files. One tool is Acethinker Disk Recovery, a tool that can recover your files in matter of seconds. Maybe this can help you on your problem.

Ciao, you will found the backup folder in:
Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths. In the windows look for: Backups

The folder is hidden, therefore you must get visible with operative system command.

But, had you set up automatic backup options?

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