How do I recover unsaved documents?

LibreOffice has always been very good at recovering unsaved documents when there has been an abrupt shut-down. LibreOffice, however, just spontaneously upgraded itself and restarted my laptop, and my unsaved files vanished. How can I recover them?

What OS? LO has not the power to upgrade itself and to restart the machine AFAIK. Are you sure it’s not your OS that did that?

If LO has not proposed to recover your files, few chances to get them back.

I’m picking Windows which needs to reboot after KB5001330 recent update.

I recommend turning off Windows Fast Start and powering off computer every night. Unexpected reboots will continue unless you preempt Windows

I wish my installation of Libre Office would update itself when there was an update. It’s a pain to close down the superfluous alert that has the auto-update button that doesn’t work.

That didn’t answer my question at all.

No wonder, this is not your question.

If you have the same problem, post as a comment or create a new one, with the details of your own issue.