How do I redock slides pane?

I am running Libreoffice on Ubuntu 16.04, and I keep accidentally undocking the slides pane in Impress. I cannot figure out how to re-dock it. Elsewhere I have seen suggestions to ctrl-double-click the gray box with the word “Slides” in it, but this does nothing on my computer.

How can I get the slides pane to redock?

CTRL-Double-Click works on my Ubuntu 18.04, LibreOffice (Launchpad PPA), GNOME (VCL: gtk3) system (I got no 16.04 at hand). So it might be a problem of your desktop manager and the question is: Which one do you use (GNOME, KDE, Xfce,…)?

For me it also worked to slowly move up the pane on the left side of the impress window until a grey frame appears (right before the upper edge of the reaches the arrow of the toolbar).

PS: If you don’t have to much of an individual configuration of your LibreOffice installation (and you got no macros) then resetting your LibreOffice user profile may be that fastest path to get back the defaults

I believe it is GNOME, but I’m also confused because Synaptic does not indicate that the full GNOME desktop environment is installed.

OK - you seem to use Unity, which (as per my knowledge) has been the default desktop on 11.04 through 17.04. In the meantime, I have installed 16.04 LTS with LibreOffice CTRL+SHIFT+F10 and CTRLl-Double-Click as well work. So the only advise left, is to reset your user profile.


Click in the title bar (where the cursor is in the screenshot below) then press Ctrl+Shift+F10

image description


This doesn’t seem to do anything either.

Libreoffice, SuSE 15.1, KDE .

I have the same problem, and neither ctrl-shift-F10 nor ctrl-double-click solves the problem. Ctrl-shift F10 does nothing at all, and ctrl-double-click maximizes the window. Double clicking without control does the same thing as ctrl-double-click. Is there simply an option that I can reach from a menu to fix this? Toggling View → slide pane simply makes the independent window appear and disappear.

UPDATE: I found that the both the ctrl-shift-F10 and ctrl-double-click approaches can work, but not quite as indicated in the image shown by Pierre-Yves Samyn. I needed to have the mouse positioned to the right of the word “Slides” when its window was separate, not in the top part of the window (as shown in the image).