How do I register Libre Office?

I have been using Libre Office for a while, but recently it has been denying me access to my documents with an error message that says it is not registered. I am tired of not being able to access documents created here, especially my resume, so how do I register it so I can access my documents created there?

Where did you download that LibreOffice version? You don’t have to register for the official one - I don’t know if you even can.

LibreOffice definitely doesn’t have any registration from day one. I suppose that OP has some malware in system - either LO itself was modified where it was taken from, of some virus.

Check under Tools (or LibreOffice for Mac) | Options | LibreOffice | User Data and make sure Forename/Surname/Initials is completed.

You may at some stage have renamed your user profile and not completed this information when you restarted LO

@robleyd I don’t believe these has any bearing. Some releases I had something in there and lately nothing at all. None of my documents of any type old or new (versions back to 4.2.x thru 5.3.x) have had the mentioned problem.