How do I remove an image from the page footer in writer?


While editing a document created in Libre Office Writer, I noticed an image with text in the footer of one of the pages. I have been unable to access this image/text to delete it. Can anyone tell me how to remove it?

Here is a screenshot of the footer in question:

Page Footer

Here is the page style description:

This is the software and system information:

Libre Office Version

I have used Libre Office for years and have never encountered this problem. Thanks in advance for any help.


Looks like the footer’s background - see More button on the Footer tab of the page format.

… or not, since the image (and text!) are outside of the footer’s text area; maybe it’s not a footer’s data, but a frame with image and caption, moved almost out of the page? Use navigator to check existing frames.

Also it’s good to have Formatting Marks enabled, to see what is actually present in the document, including whitespaces, newlines, etc.

Thanks for the comment.

There was no background shown when I clicked the button on the Footer tab of the page format. Apart from what is in the footer area, the page contains 2 images and 2 text boxes with text. The Navigator for the page lists 6 text frames but I don’t know how to tell which one (if any) is the one in the footer area. Enabling Formatting Marks does not show anything in the footer area except for a paragraph symbol in the footer text line, which is empty of text.

Using double-click on the frames in Navigator would bring your cursor into the relevant frame, which you could use to find the one you need.

Thanks for the tip on how to select frames in Navigator. I didn’t know that but will probably find it useful in the future.

This is not the most elegant solution, but I just clicked on the page and started deleting content. Eventually, the image/caption at the bottom of the page popped up into the main page area where I could delete that also. Then, I restored the content I wanted on the page. So, problem solved…after a fashion.