How do I remove blank lines between paragraphs in Libre Office Writer?

I have a large document that I’m trying to clean up, and there are a large number of blank lines between numbered paragraphs. This is an example of what it currently looks like:

And I’m trying to make it look like this:

I’ve been doing it manually, but it takes far too long.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Share the file.

First make sure that those blank lines do not come from empty paragraphs. Enable View>Formatting Marks to have clues about the real structure of your document. Erase those empty paragraphs.

Inter-paragraph spacing is a property of paragraph style. Identify which paragraph styles are in effect in those paragraphs: when the cursor is in the paragraph, the leftmost textbox in the toolbar displays the style name. Open this style to modify it. Spacing is defined in Indents & Spacing tab. Change above/belox spacing to your liking.

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When I first got the file, there was a lot of English text at the start of each paragraph such as, “Parallel Passages” that I didn’t need, so I did a find-replace that deleted these, but unfortunately did not remove the blank space, as I didn’t know how. I then tried to delete them manually, but there are thousands of them :confused:

I just figured it out, the find-replace using ^$ replaces them. Thank you for your reply, though :slight_smile:

^$ works! Thanks

Thanks. The paragraph answer showed the spaces and yeah ^$ works but remember to use it with the Regular Expressions checked in “Find & Replace.” Thanks guys!

Many thanks to all, it’s saved me a lot of laborious work doing this by hand, and a big shout out to Gregory, I tried ^$ with no success until I ticked the ‘Regular Expressions’ box then it worked.