How do I remove horizontal lines?

I am using a Word 2007 legal pleading template in Writer. horizontal lines are added, which appear to be equally spaced about four inches apart. How can they be removed? I have checked to see if somehow borders or tables got inserted but there are none. I even tried adding borders and then removing them per an earlier post, but no luck.

Perhaps you mean the border of the paragraph? Try selecting Format - Paragraph - Borders and make sure there are no lines that emphasize the paragraph. Without additional information about the problem file, it is difficult to give good recommendations. Can you attach a document based on this template to your question?

I tried the suggested solution - Format-Paragraph-Borders but it shows no lines or borders selected. I also tried another suggestion - selecting two paragraphs above and below the horizontal line; inserting full borders - which did appear as selected, but only within the margins of the document - and then reversed that selection to no borders. the newly added border lines disappeared but the original lines remained. The odd thing is that the lines extend completely from one edge of the “page” to the other - not just within the margins as you would expect when inserting a table or adding borders to a paragraph as suggested. I also turned on the paragraph symbol command, which shows all of the paragraph symbols, spaces, etc and tried to select a line to delete it, but couldn’t. Finally, I opened the blank Word template in Writer and the same lines appeared. I have used this same template in Word (which is currently unavailable) with no problems.

“the lines extend completely from one edge of the “page” to the other” I wish I could see it with my own eyes. An interesting riddle. If we can solve it, you can fix these artifacts and save the resulting document as a Writer template for future use

A screenshot and a sample file would be very helpful.

The odd thing is that the lines extend completely from one edge of the “page” to the other

Writer allows to display the document in several ways. One of this mode is a very compact one, removing details not considered important when in the initial writing phase. See if View>Hide Whitespace is ticked. If it is, page breaks are replaced by a solid blue line from edge to edge.

If you are using a template from MS (MS Template Site - Legal Pleading Template) then check through Navigator ( F5) that it contains a drawing object called Group 5 which creates the lines. If you delete that object, the line will vanish