How do I resize a comment in a libre spreadsheet?

I’ve created a comment in a Libre Office spreadsheet, running on Windows 10. It’s very narrow and tall, too tall to be read without scrolling. I’d like to make it considerably wider so that I can view it all without scrolling it. How do I do that?

I’ve tried everything I can think of but I have been unsuccessful in widening it. I’m guessing there’s some “trick” that puts it in resizing mode where there are actual sizing arrows that will change the width but I can’t figure out the trick.

Hello HughMungus, for example:

  1. right-click inside the Comment and choose the menu item “Text…”,
  2. check the checkbox “Fit width to text”.


  1. select your cell that contains the comment,
  2. select the menu item “Sheet : Cell Comment : Show Comment”,
  3. click inside the Comment and the blue resizing handles appear.

Many thanks, that solved my problem!

You’re welcome @HughMungus, glad to be of help :smiley:

No matter how many comments I set to “Fit width to text”, every time I make a new comment it’s not enabled by default. It’s very inconvenient.