How do I resize the Comments?

I am using LibreOffice
I have a spreadsheet that I would like to add comments to, however the comments are too small to work. I have tried adding a comment to a cell and selecting, from the Menu, Sheet, Cell Comments, Show Comments but the Show Comment option is greyed.
I did, as well, trace the edges of the comment box looking for the resize arrow; that failed. Right clicking on the comment was equally unhelpful.
Any help that is available would be appreciated.
Thank you,


you need to tick option View -> Comments. Then you can click the comment and will get green squares allowing to resize the comment box.

image description

Note: If you want to use Sheet -> Cell Comments -> Show Comments you must have selected a cell containing a comment, while the above shows all comments, regardless of the cell having the focus.

Thank you for your response.
I figured it out. Apparently there must be content in the comment before it’s active. Used to Excel; getting used to Calc.
Thank you again.

I was looking for this, too. Thank you.