How do I reuse tabs

In Writer, I have a line in my document in which I have the tab (tabstops) set. I like this and want to reuse these tab stops on subsequent lines. How do I “copy” or reuse them?

I wrote my initial answer in haste. I have updated it to better reflect your choices:

  • Create a paragraph style (via Styles and Formatting) with the required tab stops, then apply that style to each required line. This is the recommended option.
  • Go the end of the line and hit ENTER. This will use the tab settings from the previous line for the new line. This is however dependent upon the Next Style setting in the Organizer tab for the current paragraph style. If this is set to the same style as the current one, you are fine. If it is set to a different style, pressing ENTER will change the next line to the listed style (which will not necessarily have the required tab settings).
  • Copy the entire line and paste to a new line and then edit the content of the new line.