How do I revert to default character style?

I have created a character style and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut. When I am typing, I can use the shortcut and the subsequent key-strokes do indeed appear in the new format I have created. All good!

My question is: how do I cancel this and revert to the default character style?

I have tried selecting the ‘Default Style’ from the main toolbar but it doesn’t change it back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind wishes - Patrick

The “default style” in the main toolbar is a paragraph style, not a character style. To eliminate a character style you need to apply the character style called “default style.” Go to the style editor, select the character styles tab and apply over the selected text the default character style. You can create a keyboard shortcut to that character style too.

That’s excellent! Thank you so much! You wouldn’t believe how many times I need to do this in a day. I’ll be able to go home an hour earlier tonight!

  • Patrick