how do i rotate a document 180 degrees?

document is upside down on my screen

What do you think we can do with such a terse description? Read these guidelines and edit your question (don’t answer).

OS, LO version, characteristics of the document; does it happen only with LO?

  • If the “upside-down” is an image (scanned document): Right click and select Rotate or flip... to get the options you need.
  • If everything on your screen is upside down: Press ctrl+alt+Up arrow

Otherwise, as ajlittoz already requested, give more detail!

A few other things may be relevant, in addition to what he specified … (list may still not be comprehensive)

  • Is the issue with a LibreOffice application? (Which one? All of them? Other apps too?)
  • Is only window content upside down, or is also user interface (e.g. menus) flipped?
  • How did the document(s) come about? (Received by mail/download, text typed into a fresh (blank) document, created from a scanned document, etc.)

@keme: Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow does nothing in my Linux box with nVidia card. This may be Windows or MacOS specific

Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow does nothing in my Linux box …

I know…

When entire screen is misoriented and the user does not know why, it is very often (I would guess >90% of the cases) due to accidentally touching the ctrl+alt+arrow combination.

90% estimate is mainly based on my working in PC support in a secondary school, serving a total of 800+ students and teachers, for 20+ years.

This keyboard shortcut is often available on portable computers with Windows OS, rarely on “boxes” and also rarely with other OS’.

@ajlittoz: You could try the other arrow keys and see whether you can change the orientation, then use the up arrow again to return to the upright position. I suspect that still nothing will happen on your system. Be happy!

@keme: Ctrl+Alt+any arrow, page up/down, Home or End does nothing either. But I’ve found funny combinations, probably unique to the nouveau driver (does not work on my other machine with Radeon card):

  • Meta++ or - (main keyboard, not numeric keypad, without Shift): zoom-in/soom-out (I already new these

  • Meta+arrow : sends the active window to the corresponding screen edge and stretches the other axis edge to edge (does not cross screen)

  • Win key+PgUp: maximise active window (toggling)

  • Win key+PgDn: minimise active window

    These two are mentioned in menu when right-click on window bar

  • Meta+P: pops up a menu to choose multi-screen configuration

  • Meta+E: launches the file navigator (Dolphin)

It seems there is a mixture of driver-intercepted keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts in KDE Plasma.

Just wanted to share for fun.