How do I run Base in server mode?

I have finally gotten my split database file working from a shared folder using the macro method. Now, how do I get it to run in server mode so multiple users can access the database? I have tried the following:

But I get this error: org.hsqldb.jdbcdriver could not be loaded.

Is it even possible to open my database in server mode from a shared folder?

HSQL can be run in server mode and Base can use it. Details can be found in the manual here. You would not be using a driver but rather a host location such as hsqldb:hsql://localhost/xdb with xdb being defined as a URL in sqltool.rc. It also requires starting/stopping the server.

This forum is for LibreOffice and not for DB server questions. You may better off getting specific answers to you question in this forum.

I do not understand where or how command lines work. Is there a step by step I can follow?

The “command line” is the basic interaction of the user with the computer. In the non-graphical days of computers, all tasks were completed through the command line such as running programs, moving files, creating directories & everything else. This is still heavily used by many and getting to a command prompt and using it is operating system dependent. Refer to your OS documentation.

Im sorry but I understand CMD. What I don’t understand is the following:

  1. the split database is stored on a shared folder from PC1

  2. I have two laptops that access the database, PC2 and PC3.

  3. How do I allow both PC2 and PC3 access the database and add or make changes to said database?

I’ve read the above link and I get the above error msg. I thank you in advance for your help.

Still not quite sure what you are looking for. Once the HSQL server is up and running, The Datasource URL is dependent upon the server. For example, mine is:

hsqldb:hsql://localhost/xdb;default_schema=true; shutdown=true;hsqldb.default_table_type=cached;get_column_name=false

where localhost is the server location (IP address or such) and xdb is the name I gave in sqltool.rc. Now you just need a copy of the .odb to connect to the database and nothing else.

Maybe what is misunderstood, the entire “split folder” is not what is being shared. It is the “database” subfolder which is the database pointed to by the server connection. The .odb file then uses the Datasource URL to access the DB data.

I believe I just figured out your question. You need to have a Class Path (Tools->Options->LibreOffice->Advanced) to the hsqldb.jar file. Care must be taken however. If you open an embedded .odb with the Class Path in place, it will cause problems and that .odb will no longer work without repairs.

Is there anyway you might be able to call me for 10 min conversation. I guess I dont understand what you mean by the server. My company will not allow me to use the computer/server I have the share folder setup on to be used as a server for this database. I was under the impression that if I opened the split database with either PC2 or PC3, one would act as a server. if you could call me my number is 813-344-5926. I the can give you more detail about the database and its function. Thank you.

Any database (HSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) which allows multiple users to access the data needs to run in an environment where record locking and such will be provided. You don’t want multiple changes to a record at the same time. To run in this environment, the database service needs to be up and running. It is totally separate from Base (which only allows one connection at a time). You can start & stop the server but it must be running to access the data for a multi-user environment.

The instructions provided in your question also discusses the running of the server and starting/stopping it.