How do I save a text file as a .sdi file so writer will pick it up as a concordance file?

I’m trying to create an alphabetical index for an existing, manually indexed document. I’ve created the text concordance file - but the only extension it will allow is .sdi. But I can’t use writer to save to a .sdi file. Have I missed something simple?


An .sdi file is a plain text file. Writer is not the right tool to create plain text files, though this is possible. The “standard” tool for plain text file is a text editor like KWrite, gedit, Pluma, vi, emacs, NotePad, TextEdit, …

If you don’t feel comfortable with these tools, create the concordance file in Writer. At time of saving, File>Save as and select Filter Text (.txt). Give a name to the file and explicitly force the extension to .sdi.

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it was the ‘forcing the extension to sdi’ that I was struggling with - but realised I wasn’t showing them - so had essentially created index.sdi.txt not index.sdi. Switching on being able to see file extensions in the file explorer - all became clear. Thank you.

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you can create and edit a concordance file using the procedure described in LibreOffice Help - Edit Concordance File. This provides the following Edit dialog

and saves the file in .sdi format.

Hope that helps.