How do I save an object as a Jpeg in Draw?

I created an object in Draw and I want to save it as a jpeg. In Microsoft Publisher, you simply right click on an object and it gives you the option to save it as a jpeg or other type of file.

What follows is tested on LibO4.1.5 and XP/SP3

This is what I am doing:

  • group all object which I want to have in image file (eg. JPG)
  • select the group
  • File > EXport > select the image format I want to have (default is SVG but JPGH or other can be selected) and follow the export process.

Alternative way:

  • group all objects which I want to have in image file (eg. JPG)
  • select the group
  • right click
    context menu shows Convert but nothing to export or save as grafics
  • selecting Convert shows Bitmap or Metafile

Selection of Bitmap creates a bitmap file
-right click on the bitmap file
context menu shows Save graphics.
-select Save graphics opens a window and object can be saved as an image file (default is PNG but JPG or others can be selected.)

Selection of Metafile converts to Metafile format
-right click on the metafile
context menu shows Save graphics. However when this option is clicked nothing happens. I expect that I can save graphics in the way as described above. Thus, I consider this as a bug. (Had no time so far to report it; feel free to do so at and please publish bug number here to allow other to add comments. )

You haven’t identified which operating system you are using. I am a Linux Mint cinnamon 32bit LO4.2.1RC user. I found no method of exporting objects directly from Draw as .jpg.

However, I did notice that once the object was complete I could select it, copy it and paste it straight into Gimp without creating a blank canvas. This I could export succesfully as a .jpg.

Gimp is avail in windows too and is free.

I suspect you may have an enhancement to request as I am sure many people would find a direct method useful. If a direct method exists, I am sure someone will be along shortly to explain.