How do I save as web page

I’ve done it some 3 years ago and then got some files: index.htm, stylesheet.css, tabstrip.htm, filelist.xml and sheet001.htm but I don´t remember how I did it.
I’m using FileZilla to transfer my files to my site. I just want to show a static sheet on it.

As I recall it I saved it as .xlsx first and then saved or exported it in some way, but I can’t figure out how.


As a note all my previously saved files has .htm and not html as file extension.
These are the fles i want to create:

image description

On most browses you click the " … " icon and look for Save Page As. This will allow you to save entire web page; i.e. you should see all the html files, style sheet files (CSS) and other associated files. Hope this helps.

For Chrome, click the " … ", then select “More Tools” and the top item on list should be “Save Page As”.

Thanks , when am I supposed to do this? Is it when I choose to preview the file in web browser?

So far I have only managed to overwrite the html file i’m saving in chrome the way you described and none of the files I need are created ( index.htm, stylesheet.css, tabstrip.htm, filelist.xml and sheet001.htm).

File |Save As and select HTML Document (Calc) from the drop down list at the lower right of the Save dialog.

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Thanks what am I supposed to do with this html file now?