How do I save my Libreoffice files on a flashdrive

I don’t care for LibreOffice since the files seem to be completely owned by LibreOffice. I want to move them to another computer by way of a flash drive. How do I get the files to a flash drive? I assume they are all .doc files and I will be able to move them into my OpenOffice account on another computer. I would not choose LibreOffice again. I have a lot of files in LibreOffice, and they are all documents. I want to wipe this computer clean, so basically I am removing all files. I do not want to use a back up to migrate to another computer. I want to choose the files I want to keep, and I’m having a problem with the way the files are named and kept from me being able to manipulate them.

The files created or edited by LibreOffice are ordinary files, that can be operated just as any other file on disk: you may use a file manager to copy/paste, move, or delete them. You may copy them from any place you chose when saved them in LibreOffice, and move to any other place. The files can be read by a ODF-compliant software (of course, if the software doesn’t support some parts of ODF, then it will ignore that part, and something might get lost).

Dear Suzanneart, It strikes me as odd that you don’t care for LibreOffice, as it is not that different from many other Office packages, except maybe that it is open source and free (hence Libre). But hey, you just save the files you want to keep in a format that you want to use in any future office pack. The save (as) function will let you save any file to many flavors of MS-Office which could be a suitable file format when you are not sure if your choice can read .odf.

Not having (any) back-up is not a very wise way to deal with your files BTW. I’m saying this from experience where I lost a week of work, by a setup error on my part. I had to redo the work in only two day’s. An experience that learned me to have proper back-ups and check every part of keeping my files save!

This is your third question on the same topic. Answers are consistently the same and you don’t seem satisfied with them. It looks like you’re overwhelmed by basic tasks with computers. First take time to learn how to use yours. Then you’ll feel more self-confident to tackle more complex tasks like using complex applications (like LO Writer, M$ Word, etc.) to write elegant, nice-looking documents.

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