how do I save table format in base?

It appears to me that in Base, when you make any changes to the table layout (in the sheet view), you must also make a change to one of the records - or your new layout won’t be saved.
This has been happening to me every time I want to change the column width of the table. I make the changed to column widths only, but the save button is greyed out. When I close the table, I am not prompted to save the table. I am not prompted to save before leaving Base.
Next time I open the table, the old layout returns.
I found by trial-and-error that in order to save table layout - such as column width - you must make a change to one of the records - even if you delete the change immediately, you will still be able to save the table with the new layout.

I am from MS Office Access 2010, where I never needed to change a record when changing the table layout. You are always prompted to save the table after making any changes to the layout.

Is this just the way LibreOffice Base works, or is there a settig I have not ticked in preferences?

Thanks for your hlep


That sounds about right for LO. I think direct table view may be determined by the content of the field. I would expect that the only changes in table view that are saved are the ones that can be expressed in SQL, and column width is not something you can express in SQL. Its not an actual property of a table. If you want to customize the column widths, consider creating a Form with a Grid/Table element. Changes to the Form will be saved the way you expect.