How do I scan a multi-page document?

I have an HP multi-function printer with a scanner that has an auto document feeder. In Libreoffice writer I can select “Insert->media->scan->select device” and then chose the ADF mode. However after scanning the first page, writer is in the image edit mode and will not accept the next page of the document, even though the printer DOES scan the next page(s). Is there a way to prevent writer from going into the image edit mode and accept multiple page scans? IE: it needs to do an “” key sequence after each page is scanned in.

No; this is tdf#93067.

I’ve read the bug. I CAN scan multi page documents IF between each page I type then <ctrll + enter> The issue seems to be that after inserting an image writer is in the edit image mode where it cannot insert any new content. exits the image mode, ctrl+enter then inserts a new blank page so that the next image can be inserted after the first. This behavior is the same regardless of if an ADF or a flat scanner is used. With the ADF you have to insert the pages one at a time to control the timing of operations (IE, to manually cancel image edit mode). I KNOW its in insert edit mode by the blue squares outlining the image.