How do I see if a bug has already been reported?


I am aware of many bugs in LibreOffice, such as incorrect import/export of Micro$oft Office documents, bugs regarding tables in Writer (How can I move tables in Writer?), poor Impress performance, or no entries in the Recent Documents menu.

Some of this are big bugs! But I have no idea if they have been reported and are being fixed.

How do I find out? Is there a place to search for reported bugs?


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Some possibilities

  1. Ask your question :wink:

  2. Searching Bugzilla for LibreOffice components and subcomponents (point-and-click) → BugReport Details

  3. Bugzilla → Simple Search [Select ‘Product’: LibreOffice - Toggle ‘Status’: Open/Closed/All - Start with one (or two) keyword(s) - Improve first search with ‘Edit Search’ (down right)]

  4. Bugzilla → Advanced Search [Select ‘Product’: LibreOffice - Hover your mouse over each field label to get help for that field.]

  5. See also → How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice

@manj_k Thank you!