How do I select a narrow data range for a chart and then save the chart?

I need a chart that compares .02 to .05 liters with 100400 to 100408 kPa for a painfully tedious homework assignment. I am new to libre office, and I have never made a chart with any software before. When I click “edit data range” I see some values that I don’t understand. I think some of it is for the columns, but I don’t see anything to edit the actual displayed range on the x and y axes.

If you could please explain this gibberish and tell me how to usefully edit it, I would be very thankful. I’ll also need to save the chart to send to my teacher IF I can manage to create a graph that looks like it is displaying some measurements.

Did you read the Calc guide, chapter 3?
Complete guides and also split off chapters available from this site.
(You surely understand that not every new user will get a taylored tutorial here.)

(Just a guess what you need.)
You have to select the axes one by one.
Doubleclick the chart, click the contained ‘Wall’ - that is the range actually displaying the graphics - click one axis, use the context menu (rightclick), select ‘Format Axis’, goto tab ‘Scale’, disable ‘Automatic’ … and so on.