how Do I select & delete image on Calc page

using Calc
Trying to fix a broken jpg image in my sheet.
image description

Don’t seem to be able to select the broken image in order to delete it and replace with a working one.
Nothing happens when I click on it, left-or-right click, or try to select with the drawing toolbar pointer. nothing selects it.
Please tell me how to select & fix or delete.

I ran into this issue after playing around with the toolbar menus. What fixed it for me was by clicking the Edit menu and then Cell Edit Mode. Now I’m able to select images.

May be the image is in background, use the navigator [F5] - Menu/View/Navigator - Sidebar, to select the image with double click.

Thanks for the solution; but it’s led to a related problem - the Navigator shows there are some 80+ images in the file, and most of them are named “Picture 1”. Double-clicking on one in the Navigator image list does select an image, but then immediately moves the Navigator list to the bottom, so I can no longer see the image name I just selected, and it becomes very difficult to keep track of which “Picture 1” I just selected, and scroll all the way back to the same spot in the list. Ideas?

This does not work. I can see “Navigator” and I think I have my image because Calc scrolls to it. But the image is not selected. There are no selection marks around the image, and when I press “del” whatever cell was previously selected is cleared and the image remains. So as best as I can tell, Navigator does not actually select the image. I’ve tried versions 5.4 and 6.0.

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