How do I set auto spell checking and corrections in Calc

LO Version:, Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit.

How can I enable spell checking in Calc?

Using Writer if I opt to check my spelling, Tools> Spellcheck and Grammar (F7), the document is checked, any erroneous spellings highlighted and a list of ‘correct’ alternatives offered. This does not happen in Calc. Incorrect spellings are merely underlined in red.

I have looked at Tools>Options>language settings and under the ‘Languages’ tab all options are correctly set to ‘Default English UK’. Under the ‘Writing aids’ tab the Hunspell spellchecker is active. I do not know where to go from here, can anyone help please?

What happens if you press F7 in Calc?

A have the same problem. I’m using Fedora - English. Spelling option (F7) is not active in the menu. I have install sudo dnf install aspell-pl-50:6.0_20061121-16.fc27.x86_64 but that did not help. In Write, there is a similar problem. I do not see Polish language and even when if chose English selected option is None.

I have found that spell check does work in Calc. The problem is when the sheet is protected. If the sheet is unprotected spell check works just fine.