How do I set default opening view in LO Base Database Form as Normal instead of WebView?

In LO Base (Version: Forms, whenever I open an existing form or click on “Create form in design view”, it opens in “Web View” by default. Every time, I have to go to “View > Normal” to restore it to Normal (pre-set page size / screen size view), which is very annoying.

I tried making a new template with “Normal” view enabled. But result is same as above.

My wish-list is as under:

The last selected “View” (Normal or Webview) should be saved in the document settings when exiting the form.
No macro to be used for this purpose.



The typical fashion in creating forms is Web View. Normal places it in the context of Writer (it s a Writer document). Don’t know of any method except for possibly a macro to set this. You can place a request for this. See → Feature Requests

There are a number of bugs open for Base forms not retaining sizes (Web View). This has been occurring for many, many releases. Only current resolution for this is macros.