How do I set leaders in a TOC

I am running impress and use English. My operating system is Windows 10 and that is also English. Have just downloaded

You didn’t give an example of what you’re trying to achieve.

I assume you have a TOC automatically extracted from your text, i.e. made of paragraphs which have received a Heading x paragraph style (x from 1 to 10).

TOC entries are controlled by paragraph styles Contents x. There is a one-to-one mapping between heading and contents levels.

Leaders are associated with tabs. They are composed with a “fill character” as it is called in the tabulation dialog. Built-in fill chars are dot, hyphen and underscore but you can use any you like.

If you’re satisfied with the built-in layout offered by Contents x but for leaders, open the “offending” contents style for modification (press F11, right-click on style name and choose Modify…). Go to the Tabs tab. Select the tab position for which you want a leader and choose the fill character. Press OK.

If you want to change the layout, the simplest way is to customise it through InsertIndexes & TablesIndexes & Tables, tab Entries. Tabs are identified by T descriptors in entry template. After that, choose the fill character in the corresponding Contents x paragraph style as above.

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