How do I set memory (RAM) allocation in newer versions of Libre Office?

Months ago, I installed Libre Office 6.2 which was crashing occasionally. Recently updated to LibreOfice 6.4, the latest stable version.

If I am correctly remembered, in older versions of Libre Office, there used to be a setting called “Memory” through which we can allocate amount of RAM to Liber Office. I used to increase that RAM amount to the default setting for getting better performance but in newer versions I can’t find such settings.

How do I increase RAM size allocation to Libre Office for getting better performance in LiberOffice 6.4?

I use Trisquel GNU Linux 8.0 with 3+3GHz processor and 3GB of RAM on (old) Desktop PC.

The function has been removed, see: Whiteboards/KillOptions - The Document Foundation Wiki

Oh! Is there any way to manually set memory? I want to get rid of the issue of crashing. Thanks

Please look in the menu Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Advanced

There’s the button “Expert settings…”

But I can’t help you from here on, I don’t know anything about it.

I suspect it’s not the RAM.
Unless there’s a hardware failure.

One more tip:

If your system crashes frequently, you should try Safe Mode.

If the error remains, you should reset your user profile.

tdf#110448 is more relevant: I filed and implemented it without even knowing of that wiki page. The relevant expert settings are listed there right in the first message (I made a typo there: “GraphibManager” should had been “GraphicManager”).

The change was announced in release notes for 6.0.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I have a customer w/a 2k page document that takes 6-7 minutes to load - would love to be able to dedicate memory specific to the application to speed up loading (document is MS word and primarily text).

FWIW, if your customer is opening a Word document (really - 2,000 pages?), then Writer will have to parse that through the import filter to be able to work with it. It is to be expected that it will be slower to open than using native M$ Word.

Tweaking memory allocation in LO is not recommended: the settings are already optimized and it is almost guaranteed that end-users will not understand the implications of changing them.

In particular see: