How do I set the default to clear pasted text formatting after a paste automatically?

When I do control-c on a web-page and then control-v in Libre Office I get the formatting of the web page I copied from which is EXACTLY what I want. I do not want control-shift-v to get just text.

BUT, then when I start typing beneath this text I am in typing in the format of the text from where I copied from. After that I have to do some jumping around, first I type out some text, then I highlight it, click clear driect formatting and I am back to my document’s default formatting.

Is there anyway via a shortcut ot better yet just have Libre Office default to be typing in the format of my default so I can skip this rather annoying step? I am in my workflow where I am doing a lot of copying and pasting and find this behaviour rather annoying.

And by all means link me to where this has already been answered. Thank you for you time reading this and hopefully answering it.

Format > Clear Direct Formatting (CTRL+M) can be used to reset directly applied formatting. It is also possible to assign application of a paragraph style to a key shortcut e.g., the Default Style is assigned CTRL+SHIFT+0. Tools > Customize… > Keyboard tab > Category section of “Styles”/“Paragraph” and Function of “Default Style” (or “Text Body” etc.)