How do I set the first page after the title page to 1?

More than just that, right now the pages go 2, then 1 for page 3, then 2 again on page 4, and after that they are consistent to the end, by which I mean the last page, which should be 311 is numbered 310. Help!!

Put the cursor in the first paragraph of the page where you want the page numbering to start. Format - Paragraph - select the Text Flow tab. Below Breaks, tick Insert, tick Page, Before, no need to select a page style, unless you wanted that anyway, to unlock Page number, set that to 1.

Note: this is about the only case where experienced users allow direct formatting, because that’s what this is.

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I did this after some trials and the programme proceeded to split the text up a paragraph at a time so my 312 page document ended up with over 5000 pages! There are times when I feel like going back to Word!!

You shouldn’t do that in a paragraph style definition, but only for the selected paragraph, or the paragraph where the cursor is. Read my answer again. Stick to it.