How do I set the Save Graphics dialog to default to a particular folder?

I am using LibreOffice 3 on Linux Mint 13. (I am unable to upgrade to a later version of either Mint or LO, but I know that this is fixable because I have another system that also runs LO 3 on Mint 13 and it does not have this issue!)

When I right-click on a picture in Writer and choose Save Graphics, I am presented with a dialog box which defaults to /home/MYUSERNAME/.config/libreoffice/3/user/gallery/, no matter what I’ve saved the picture to the last time. Is there a way I can set a default location for it to always save to? That gallery folder is buried deep in the file system and is a very illogical place to save a picture to, and it’s annoying to have to constantly redirect it when it should automatically default to my standard save location each time (or at least the last used location).


GoTo →Tools→Options→LO→Path… select the Graphics-path and push the obvious button …


Should that be the Graphics path?

Of course… I refered to /home/MYUSERNAME/.config/libreoffice/3/user/gallery/ from OP

headdesks Of course. I must’ve figured it out on the other comp a long time ago and completely forgotten. I poked around in the Options but my eyes completely skipped over Paths! Thank you!