How do I set up footer for first page of a document only?

Only want this on first page of document:- Please Note: This Meeting will be Recorded
How do I stop it repeating on the bottom of every page?


  • Open your document
  • Move to page 1
  • View -> Styles (or F11)
  • Click icon Page Styles (4th icon beneath word Styles in styles manager sidebar)
  • Assign page style First Page to your current page 1 by double clicking First Page entry (Assure that the assigment worked by checking First Page shown in the middle of the status bar at bottom of Writer window.


You could also use: Format -> Title Page... and make the proper settings for your case (Ref.: LibreOffice Help - Inserting title pages in the document)

Hope that helps.

When you use different page styles, then you can adjust the properties differently in them.

The Page styles have a property named “Next style” with a value: the name of an existing Page style. This means: when the text flows to the next page, that (next) page will be automatically formatted with the Page style given it the actual property.