How do I solve a problem with Base saving forms, and then not exiting

I’ve got a really simple table, with minimal data Problem is when I create a form, I’m not able to save the form with a title; and then if I abandon the attempt at giving the form a title, I’m not able to exit Base, or LO itself.
How do I solve this problem?? So, with or without the attempt to give the form a title, it’s not saving FILESAVE FAULTY, and then not exiting. This seems to affect "only, but! Base – I’m able to do things in Writer if I’m not in Base – Writer and Base are the two components I want to use the most. If I’m in Writer at the time, to, the program hangs, and I have to terminate it using Task Manager. I’m using the latest version of LO, and Windows 8 64-bit, on AMD 64 – English language.

I’ve also experienced this problem for several weeks on 32-bit system. Workaround to address hang: Ctrl+alt+del ==> Kill process < soffice.bin >. Have not experienced data loss. In light of your confirmation, I filed a bug report, which has some more info.