How do I sort data by Canadian postal code?

Whenever I try, the sequencing is wrong, but I need this to set up delivery routes for food bank volunteers urgently.

For example,

M4X 2A3,
M4E 2A3
M5R 941

Can anyone help me, please?

You haven’t told us what you have already tried. Have you tried highlighting the one or two columns with the postal codes and then choosing menu Data → Sort?

By the way, “941” is not a valid postal code.

And what is the right sorting for Canadian postal codes?

@gabix I would assume that the OP wants a simple alphanumeric sort. The problem might be that Canadian postal codes have two parts, properly separated by a space, as specified by Canada Post (example “A1A 1A1”). Just tried a simple experiment and, no, LO sorts (simple ones at least) are not confused by the space, either in Calc or Writer.

“the sequencing is wrong”

In what way is the sequencing wrong (as @gabix has already asked you)? I have experimented with sorting lists of random postal codes using menu Data → Sort and thereby including the associated rows with the sort (as I expect you might want to do), and the result is the rows are always sorted strictly alphanumerically according to the associated postal code.