How do I start chapters on the recto in Writer?

How do I make sure that all my chapters start on the right side of a book spread (“the recto”)? In other words if the previous chapter ends on the verso/left, I just want to start a new page. But if the previous chapter ends on the recto, I want the text to skip the following verso and begin on the next recto?

You need to use a page style for the right sides and a page style for the left sides. If you set one as ‘next’ for the other, the changing happens automatically. In a current version of LibreOffice such page styles exist already. Look in the Style&Formatting pane of the sidebar.

Then you can set a page break with page style “right” in the text flow tab of the properties dialog of the heading style.

In addition you need to go to Tools > Options > Writer > Print and enable ‘Print automatically inserted blank pages’.

Hello Sue in MN, you can set the Page Style for your Chapter Startpage,

1) select the menu "Format:Page...",
2) in the dialog that pops up, select the tab called "Page",
3) in the dropdown listbox called "Page layout:" select the menuitem "Only right"
4) click OK

That did it. Thanks.

yw @SueinMN :slight_smile: