How do I start to number starting on page 3 with number 3?

I know, that there are already questions asking how to start numbering on page three, but they always want to start with number 1. I am writing a seminar papaer with libre office and I need to start the numbering on page three, where the actual text starts, with number three. How?
I can only separate the first and not the first two pages or the odd and even ones. Which is not helpful.

You must use the ODF file types, and the Page Styles. Create and apply different Pagfe Styles for the first and for the second page. You can use differnt settings in the different Page Styles.

Think beyond what you see in the Writer dialog. What is the structure of your document?

Clearly it has two (at least from your terse description) parts: a few unnumbered pages and then numbered pages.

Whenever you talk about parts defined by a page layout, associate immediately (in your mind) those parts with a page style. A page style spans several pages.

Very often, a part is substructured as an initial page and odd/even pages. To cover this frequent case easily, Writer offers what you’ve seen: the possibility to substructure a page style. But, this is valid only for the current part.

Which brings us back to your problem: you have two parts instead of one, which is handled very easily.

I’ll assume your main text is under Default Style page style. Keep it like this.

  • Create a new page style, call it Beginning, Prologue or any name meaningful to you

    Note that built-in First Page will not fit as is because it is meant for a cover page and the style automatically switches to Default Style when you cross the page limit, i.e. it controls a single page. Of course, you can customise it but you’re as fast with a user style.

  • Set all its attributes to your need (margins, header/footer presence, …)

  • Put the cursor in the first page. From the style sidepane, double click on the Beginning page style

    All your document is now Beginning. Don’t worry.

  • Put the cursor at the very beginning of the first paragraph which should be on page 3. Eventually erase the page break you may already have there.

  • Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break

    Only this command allows you to access the break attributes.

  • Select Beginning in the Style drop-down menu.

  • Check the Change page number box and set the starting page number for the new part

  • Press OK

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