How do I stop a cell from following a cell that is cut/pasted?

Let’s say I have a cell A1. I then write a formula in it that references cell B2. But now, I cut cell B2 to C3, and put new data into B2, either by copy-pasting or typing. I would expect A1 to update to reflect the new contents of B2, but that is not what happens. Instead, the formula in A1 has changed all references to B2 to C3. I can understand how this feature might be useful, but for me, now, it is definitely not, and I would like to turn it off. Is this possible?

EDIT: I initially said COPY-paste, which is very different from CUTTING and pasting.

How do you “copy B2 to C3”? Doing Ctrl+C->Ctrl+V would not do what you describe - so that must be some other method?

Sorry, I edited my question; I am CUTTING, not copying. Sorry for the confusion.

If you cut and paste a cell, cell formula expressions that reference that cell are adjusted to point to the new position. That’s normal and expected spreadsheet behaviour. If you want to always reference the cell right and below (here referencing B2 from A1) without following cut&paste then use a named expression in which you defined a relative reference, e.g. on cell A1 define name rightdown as B2 and then use the name in the formula =rightdown