How do I stop all characters appearing in wrong font?

I am extremely sorry for the vague nature of this question but I don’t even know how to describe the behaviour I am seeing.

Suddenly, every character I type in Writer ( on Windows 10) is coming out light brown and underlined.

I have tried clearing direct formatting and setting paragraph and character styles to default but nothing affects it. Resetting the user profile had no effect either.

Even more odd is that I can’t see a style like this anywhere in my style viewer. Even more oddly, if I click in the middle of a previously formatted paragraph, the characters still come out light brown underlined, whereas normally I would expect formatting to change to the style already applied to the paragraph I click into.

I am really hoping someone can help out here because it has become unusable for the time being.

Kind wishes - Patrick

Look for What are those yellow/brown-coloured texts with underlines and strikeouts in my document, accompanied by vertical lined on margins? And how do I get rid of those? on the FAQ page.

You inadvertently activated Track Changes mode with a spurious use of the Shift key when you tried to copy something.

To get out of this mode, either type Ctrl+Shift+C or uncheck Edit>Track Changes>Record.

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