How do I stop Calc saving all the data in a vlookup table thats located on another file when I close the document I'm working on?

I have a template setup in Calc that I use to create invoices. I use a table of data located on a separate file to generate the description and cost based on a unique number. When I save the invoice in ods format it saves all the data in the vlookup table with the file. How do I only save the imported data?

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Are you certain that your 'template ’ is actually correctly setup as a template? From your description it is actually acting as a standard file (it is possible to swap files & templates).

Added later:-

One obvious thing is to check that you have a template file setup for Calc. If you do:-

(menu):- File New Templates

…you will get the Template Manager & should be able to see the templates available. I do not find any for Calc at all in my copy of LO.

It is certainly true that the idea is to have a Template file which in the background is copied on New-File-Open to become the actual file. However, if you are manually opening the Template file, then you are not actually creating a new file, are you?

Creating new Templates (PDF) (File Templates Save)

Actually, no I’m not sure. I opened Calc and created what I wanted it to look like when sent to my customers and saved it with the “.ots” extension. I click to open it and fill in my data and when I save it, it automatically saves with a “.ods” extension. I thought when I selected “Save As” and choose “Template” it created the template.

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