How do I stop LibreOffice Calc displaying 1/2/15 as ½/15 and 1/4/15 as ¼/15

LibreOffice Calc
Build ID: bc356b2f991740509f321d70e4512a6a54c5f243
English (UK)

OS is Windows 8.1
English (UK)

I have checked that the cells are set to the correct date format (d/m/yy). The 1st day of other months display correctly.

You might have to add a ‘Date recognition pattern’ to your LibO.

For more detail, please refer to number 3) of my answer in this thread a few minutes ago.

If this does not work you will need to switch off the ‘Use replacement table’ option for ‘AutoCorrect’ (maybe temporarily) or delete some specific replacements there. These are working “on the fly” while typing and their application will precede the recognition/conversion process.

(Down with silly smart features! They always will be incompatible in one way or another.)

Thank you LUPP. I tried to add a recognition pattern as you detail but it would not save. However deleting the 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 entries in the AutoCorrect Replace list did prevent the erroneous conversion. I always use the ANSI codes for those values anyway.

I also discovered that inputting the date as “1 Feb 2015” produced the format I required (i.e. 1/2/15).

So my problem is solved, thank you.

An other way is to enter 1/4 as 1/04 and so on. This way LO does not replace it and you you don’t have to disable or delete the replacement table.