How do I stop LibreOffice Calc from putting in its own random information into my cells?

I type something into a cell (like the number 3, just now), and it gets replaced by some date or something (02/01/00 just now) when I try to save. How do I stop this auto-input?

And I can’t stop it! I go back, delete the date and retype 3, and it automatically replaces it by the date again.

Just for the record: 02/01/00 is not a “random information”, but a representation of number 3 as a date in Calc: date zero (epoch) is 1899-12-30 (see Date under Options|Calc|Calculate); number 3, when formatted to be shown as a date, is considered a date three days later, which is 1900-01-02; when formatted using dd/mm/yy, it comes that way.

Good to know – thanks! I did think there was some connection, since other dates appeared for 4 and 5… Am new to LibreOffice, and this page has been very useful so far!

In your example you have the cell formatted as Date.

Right click on the cell and select Format cell from the context menu. In the dialog that opens select the tab Numbers, then click on General, click OK.

I suggest downloading the Calc guide and using it as a reference

Cheers, Al

Thanks a ton! And for the Calc guide too.